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4 Questions to Answer Before Fundraising

Before you start calling, emailing, or reaching out to people for donations there are 4 essential questions you need to answer.

They may seem simple and obvious but rarely are they answered. When you answer them your ask will be easier and you’ll feel more confident about asking.

Also, the person you are asking will feel more complete and informed about the ask.

I’ve set this up as a series so it will be simple for you to focus on each question. In this short video, you’ll learn the 4 questions, and we’ll review the 1st question.

Share this video with your staff and Board.

It’s time to get your Board engaged in fundraising! We know the Board wants to be helpful in every area but fundraising, so to help you, I’m having an end-of-year special for Board fundraising training. If we set the dates now for the training to be held in January or February you will receive a 20% discount. Email me for the details at and put in the subject JAN/FEB.

Keep smiling because you are making a difference, Sonia

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