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Speaking Engagements

Sonia Saleh offers captivating, engaging, and interactive presentations that move your audience into action. She can easily customize presentations for your organization. ​​

Here is a sampling of topics Sonia offers for workshops, trainings, conferences, and retreats.


Sonia Saleh

  • Sonia is a dynamic, thought-provoking speaker whose messages are optimistic, and actionable.

  • She involves audiences with her upbeat and enthusiastic style.

  • Presentations can be virtual and/or in-person.



Where are all the Wealthy People?

Are Oprah and Bill Gates in your sphere of influence?  If not, no worries, because you will learn how to identify the right donors to make your fundraising efforts more  fruitful by tapping into the networks that can help you achieve your goals.


The Power of Your Brain

Your brain has mechanisms that hold you back from achieving your goals. You have the power to unlock those limitations and reach your goals. This presentation explores this problem and solutions.


Alluring Money

Recognizing that money can be a BIG turn off makes it difficult to ask. We want money for our organization, yet it’s difficult to ask for donations. Let’s change the conversation.


Not Another Story

So you told the story and nothing happened. As you know, facts tell and stories sell. But do you really want to sell or do you want to engage? Create and share an interactive story told in your voice, with ease and bring greater opportunities to your organization and your life.

Sonia is, in one word , Terrific! Her training not only made me a better fundraiser, but was helpful to me in my business and personal life in general.

Eric Pasinkoff, Attorney

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