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#1 problem in fundraising

We are midway through the 2021, I’m hoping you’ve already surpassed your fundraising goal for this time frame.

Some of you may be wondering why haven’t you raised the predicted amount of $$$.

There is a reason that keeps interfering with fundraising and one of the best ways to stop it is with a BS Partner.

Watch and see why that’s necessary.

In the video I offered a quick 20 minute call to identify your reason, then you can work with your BS partner.

As always if you or someone from your organization needs help aligning to improve their fundraising, reach out to me for a quick call.

Keep smiling because you are making a difference,


P.S. You deserve what all the athletes and executives have to move them forward faster and consistently, a coach. One on one coaching might be the engine that gets you going. Call me to discuss my coaching program and see if it's right for you.


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