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Hello, Hello, Hello

What is a 5 star donor and is this the type of donor you want?

I’m hoping you say yes and it’s really the majority of donors you want. I cannot describe them too you but I know you know who they are and what qualities they have. Probably already have a few of them. So how do you get me more?

In this video there are 4 easy steps to attracting 5 Star Donors and you will want to do them with both your staff and Board. It helps to get everyone on the same page.

5 Star donors strengthen your organization.

As always if you or your Board need help aligning to improve their fundraising, reach out to me for a quick call.

Keep smiling because you are making a difference,


P.S. You deserve what all the executives and athletes have to move them forward faster and consistently, a coach. One on one coaching might be the engine that gets you going. Call me to discuss my coaching program and see if it's right for you.


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