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Meet Sonia

When Sonia Saleh started Uplifting Nonprofits, it was a crazy mission to “save” the world. This desire hasn't changed, but the primary focus is bringing fundraising mastery to nonprofits so they can be successful in their important and valuable missions.  Successful fundraising remains the number one challenge for most nonprofit Boards, so Sonia set out to transform that because she knows from personal experience that overcoming fundraising blocks and struggles is not only possible, but achievable.

Sonia offers her knowledge and experience from working in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds when teaching The Art of Fundraising to Nonprofit Executives and Board Members. Through another specialty course, Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser, about accessing new thinking with brain science and unlocking the mysteries of fundraising, Sonia guides her clients to double their fundraising results while becoming comfortable and confident in their own voice.


To help you develop a stronger and more effective development team, Sonia has partnered with Responsive Fundraising. They bring in experienced consultants to help your team through the messy parts of fundraising from assessments to capital improvements.  


Beyond her love of supporting nonprofits, Sonia is a diverse person with diverse interests. She hails from a multicultural background and speaks 3 languages (Arabic, French, and English) so she brings diverse perspectives and cultures to the table. She loves to travel and eat potato chips. She has been a member of Rotary for 10 years and is currently District Governor, engaging over 60 clubs with more than 1500 members in Long Island. She lives in New York, but works with nonprofits all over the world.

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I believe that fundraising is one of the most powerful forces for change on earth.
- Sonia Saleh

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