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Working Together

My greatest joy is supporting organizations to increase their fundraising while creating a winning team (Board and Executive Director) and a sustainable stream of revenue.  

Shaking Hands

1:1 Coaching

for the Executive Director

Imagine if you could have open and safe conversations which guide you through your fundraising road map. Maybe you are saying what road map? Or why isn’t my board engaged in fundraising? Or where are the donors? Or simply who has time for this? 


Coaching clients find the results of coaching so helpful, they often hire me to train their board or staff. 
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Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser

for the Board with the Executive Director

These are common statements: I don’t like asking for money, I don’t know any wealthy people, I’m not a salesperson, I don't know who to askI'll do anything but fundraise. Yet, we all know that fundraising is how to keep an organization sustainable. Even given all the tools and scripts, there is still resistance.


So how do we shift this? We use brain science. We learn how it is holding you back and how to work through it to achieve your goals.  We work together in roundtable discussions to develop your personal tools and resources.   Learn More >


I Don't Know Who to Ask

for Board, Executive Director, and Staff

How many times have you said that or heard someone else say it? Some will say, "Ask everyone." That's not true. You want to connect with people who will be more likely to say yes. In this 60-minute workshop, you will learn to identify the people you want to ask, thereby increasing your opportunity to receive a donation.  Once you understand this method, it will be as simple as ABC to choose who to ask. You will also recognize why you have not been asking certain people.  
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I Don't Know What to Say

for Board, Executive Director, and Staff

How can you be an ambassador for your organization if you don’t know what to say? Telling someone facts about an organization is easy, but that’s something that can be read in a pamphlet or on the website. So what do you say? In this 90-minute workshop, you will develop and create your own compelling story to share which will support the growth of the organization.  Connect with Sonia to Schedule >

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Shifting the Money Mindset

for Board, Executive Director, and Staff

You believe in this organization and want to help it grow and be sustainable, and you will do anything to help EXCEPT ask for money (even though you know money must be raised to keep it going.) What if you became aware of the blind spot that is holding you back from asking? What if you learned how to move through it? Imagine learning that it’s a switch in your brain that you can turn off so you can get through the discomfort. Imagine using this switch in your day-to-day activities - not just for fundraising. This 60-minute workshop will awaken you to your possibilities.  

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