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Unlock the Power of Effective Nonprofit Board Communication!

This workshop will help you enhance your nonprofit's communications leading to better collaboration and increased fundraising.


Presented by:
Sonia Saleh, Uplifting Nonprofits

Are you ready to elevate your organization through board communication? The key to better decision-making, enhanced collaboration, and a more cohesive organizational and fundraising strategy lies in effective communication within your nonprofit board.

Introducing the comprehensive 4-Week mini-course:

Effective Nonprofit Board Communication

This course will help build strong relationships, encourage open and transparent communication, and show how to have effective communication with different stakeholders. Each week we will dig deeper into board communication with staff, executive director, donors, potential partners, and of course, with each other.

Join me on this transformative journey to enhance your nonprofit's communications. A 4-week course is a time-efficient way to strengthen your skills, allowing you to quickly gain valuable insight. When you complete this program you and the board will be more comfortable communicating in various ways that can actually lead to increased fundraising.

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4 meetings Mondays 1pm-2:15pm EST

1) Monday, March 18

2) Monday, March 25

3) Monday, April 1

4) Monday, April 8


Online Webinar - Zoom



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