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Unlock Your Board Potential:
Join Our Onboarding Experience!

Together, we will create an orientation system that can be used to benefit your new Board member and your goals.

Presented by:
Sonia Saleh, Uplifting Nonprofits

Onboarding new Board members is a step that many organizations find challenging. Many don’t know what to do, others just skip it. Yet, onboarding is crucial in developing an engaging board. It is the most significant opportunity to ensure your Board members understand and realize their full potential to advance your mission and to orient them effectively. Also, it is the most important step for a new member to feel both welcome and valuable.


We will create an orientation system that can be used to help new members, whether or not they have served on previous boards, understand their roles and responsibilities as well as your organization’s mission and operations.


Join me on Wednesday, February 14, (a day to love your Board) for this comprehensive session that you can use consistently to help new members not only assimilate to your Board, but also understand their role and be ready to take action.

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February 14, 2024

1-2pm EDT

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Online Webinar - Zoom



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