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Sonia Saleh is your Nonprofit Coach and Trainor ready to help take your Nonprofit to the next level and beyond.

Imagine if you could have open and safe conversations which guide you through your fundraising road map.

Captivating, engaging presentations that are provocative, interactive, and move your audience into action.

Explore regularly updated videos that offer ideas and tools to help you become a more effective fundraiser and leader.

Welcome to Uplifting Nonprofits

Creating a thriving Nonprofit is about compassion, making connections, creating partnerships, and working together to make a greater difference than you ever could by yourself.

Meet Sonia Saleh and learn how she can help you and your nonprofit...


is for...

FUNDRAISING is the big F word in our nonprofit sector. What if I tell you the cause is Brain Science? That’s why you feel uncomfortable, challenged, and find it difficult to ask for donations. What if you could turn that around and use it to your advantage?

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Board members want to be the best ambassadors and fundraisers they can be. They just need the tools to achieve it and WE can help them!

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What Clients Have to Say

"Fundraising can be intimidating to many nonprofits. Through Sonia's coaching and training, you are able to de-mystify this space and present the material in an approachable way, allowing organizations to thrive. Thank you for all the amazing work you do, Sonia!"

Tiffany Moore

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