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1:1 Coaching

for the Executive Director

Imagine if you could have open and safe conversations which guide you through your fundraising road map. Maybe you are saying what road map? Or why isn’t my board engaged in fundraising? Or where are the donors? Or simply who has time for this? 


Imagine talking to someone and receiving support, wisdom, and relief. You’d have answers and a plan on everything from how to handle that difficult board member, how the Board can become more engaged, asking for that gift or even planning the day/week/year when it comes to fundraising.


How much is it costing and hurting you not to have these productive conversations?  


You are unique, so this cannot be a one size fits all coaching. Still there are 3 steps, first, outlining your expectations and goals, second, creating a road map to accomplish the goals, and third, transformation to accomplish the goals.

The Benefits:

  • A safe place to speak your mind, which begins to open up solutions

  • Creating a fundraising roadmap for yourself and one for the Board

  • Developing your own voice when speaking and asking donors 

  • Moving your Board to engage more in the fundraising process. 

The Plan:

  • Regularly scheduled calls- Either weekly or bi-weekly 45 minute calls depending on your package. These scheduled calls are powerful.  At the end of each call, there will be tasks you’ll complete before the next call, the goal is to keep moving forward. These calls are yours. Past clients have focused on everything from fundraising, goal setting, management issues, and work-life management.

  • Support between calls. Life happens between the calls so you have virtually unlimited email and phone support. 

  • Uplifting Solutions Newsletter – Monthly, I blog about some aspect of fundraising. You’ll get my suggestions delivered right to your inbox.

Coaching clients find the results of coaching so helpful, they often hire me to train their board or staff.

Questions or ready to schedule? Reach out to Sonia today.

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