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Essential Fundraising Questions

OMG, it’s February 2022, how did that happen? Time is so fascinating, sometimes it drags and other times it’s a race. I wonder if we didn’t have time how we would operate; would more or less get accomplished and discovered? Would we have more or less joy? And how would that change fundraising?

No matter what the time there are still 4 essential questions to be asked. It’s important that the Board knows both the questions and the answers. It will make it easier for them to reach out to their connections and engage as productive Ambassadors.

Send them the first video and second video along with this one.

You can use it as a tool at the next board meeting. Pause between each video and ask the Board to answer the questions. Like it says in the video I am here to help. My expertise is supporting executives to find comfort in asking. I use brain science to unlock the mysteries of fundraising. So feel free to reach out to me to bring brain science to your fundraising.

Keep smiling because you are making a difference, Sonia


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