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Your Limitless Fundraising Board

This workshop will help you and your Board become more comfortable engaging in fundraising, and create a clear plan that will increase results.


Presented by:
Sonia Saleh, Uplifting Nonprofits

It’s time to boost you and your board’s fundraising results. This 4-week course will upgrade your board, your knowledge, your confidence, and encourage both you and the board to take actions that will improve the fundraising results.


During this program you and your board will have a greater understanding of fundraising as we debunk myths, learn about being productive ambassadors, create a fundraising calendar all with actionable tools and exercises.


When you complete this program you and the board will be more comfortable engaging in fundraising, and you will have a clear plan that will increase board results.

You will walk away with next steps and greater clarity on various ways to engage  the board in fundraising.

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January Session 2024 - Starts 1/22/24

All meetings 1pm-2:15pm EST

1) Monday, January 22

2) Monday, January 29

3) Monday, February 5

4) Monday, February 12


Online Webinar - Zoom


$197 Special Price (Reg. $697)

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