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Help Your Board Understand Their Fundraising Role

A workshop that helps you complete the missing key for many nonprofits.

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Presented by:
Sonia Saleh, Uplifting Nonprofits

One of the main issues I find with Boards is that their role in fundraising hasn’t been defined. Many think it’s only about the ask, therefore they don’t do anything.


What if every member understood their role in fundraising?What if they had the tools to make it easier for them to implement? What if you gave a brand-new board member these tools and then easily explained the expectations? Once they are aware and understand their role, it will be easier for them to be successful.


This one-hour workshop helps you identify and create the tools to give them to effectively participate in fundraising. Let’s give the Board a boost in fundraising now.

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May 16, 2023

1-2pm EDT

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Online Webinar - Zoom



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