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Unleash Your Inner Fundraiser

for the Board with the Executive Director

These are common statements I hear from Board Members and even Executive Directors: 

  • I don’t like asking for money. 

  • I don’t know any wealthy people.

  • I’m not a salesperson

  • I don't know who to ask. 

  • I'll do anything but fundraise.


Yet, we all know that fundraising is how to keep an organization sustainable. Even given all the tools and scripts, there is still resistance. 


So how do we shift this? We use Brain Science. We learn how it is holding you back and how to work through it to achieve your goals.  We work together in roundtable discussions to develop your personal tools and resources.  


How much is it hurting and costing your organization for the Board not to be engaged in fundraising?

Imagine a Board willingly engaged in fundraising, knowing their next steps, knowing who to reach out to and connect with, and being completely prepared with what to say.  

This workshop assesses where each person is in the fundraising process and then uniquely tailors content to the organization. Together we move and transform our views on fundraising so it is easier to ask for donations. 

The Benefits:

  • Uncover and recognize hidden blind spots

  • Understand fundraising, it may surprise you

  • Identify potential partners within your sphere of influence

  • Create and develop your own stories to share with both current and  potential donors

  • Increase your fundraising results

The Plan:

  • 3 separate sessions (generally scheduled 2 weeks apart)

  • 2 private 1:1 coaching calls for each Board Member during the span of workshop time


Clients find this process immensely helpful and are amazed at the results. After our Workshop, Board Members find they:

  • are comfortable to ask for money, for amounts they never would have asked for before

  • can double their previous results

  • now understand the value of the ask

  • have come together as a team, supporting one another to raise money

  • can now achieve the goals set forth by the nonprofit

Questions or ready to schedule? Reach out to Sonia today.

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